Filling in the Gaps: Exhibits, Feats and the Mundane

Hello blogworld. It's been a really a long while. One of the main reasons I started this blog was to have an avenue for my silly little writing (a close second next to my love for the arts) and i truly miss it now having not written anything for months. My creative pursuit has brought me so much blessings to the detriment of my weak time management skills, not to mention my sanity. Though I must admit that whenever I hit the publish button after finishing a post, I sometimes feel like I'm just throwing my thoughts to a void. But then again you my dear friends would almost always prove me wrong by dropping by and leaving me the loveliest and sweetest comments. So, thank you. Thank you for sticking around even when the blog falls silent every now and then.

Anyway, since it's been ages since my last entry,  I thought it would be appropriate to deem this one as a "look back" post. So many interesting things have happened and are still happening and it would be a pity if it's left unshared. From the moment I stated on my 2012 New Year's resolution "do illustrations more...should really give this old love a chance" I've been really doing just that as evident on the evolution of my posts. So expect more work in progress photos here on the blog.

So, to commence my first entry for this year let's look back at some of the highlights of what transpired during my blog absence (not in any particular order):

I know it was just a tiny spot, but it was kind of a big deal for me. And it's Working Mom Mag!!!Another feat checked from my bucket list!

Thanks to a sweet friend who shared her slot, I managed to join the annual Brent Bazaar. I sold my mini artprints and postcards and a few of my hanpainted kitty purses and mini pillows. I was overwhelmed with excitement but went crazy trying to rush the handmade stuff i barely had time to make my booth aesthetically pleasing. Vowed to prepare better for this year.

Instead of having my usual perm this year, I decided to chop my waves only to have it permed again few months after. The one on the left was taken immediately after the initial curl onslaught, with wispy ends and intact bangs. Yup, finally got tired of them bangs so i decided to grow them back...which is kind of a pain. These days I hide their monstrosity under a hat.

I was very excited when I heard about Baguio's first art in the park. It is really amazing to see local artists' unique work and talent. My only hope for the next one is for it to be bigger and better advertised. It's a pity that not too many people know about the event.

When I was asked by Padma, the owner of Mt.Cloud Bookshop if i would like to consign my paper goodies to them, I was more than elated. Mt. Cloud Bookshop is a famous spot both for local and tourists alike for its unique and quirky vibe plus it has this air of the old Baguio you can't help but fall back into. Definitely the kind of place I want my work be part of.

By the way, I have a workshop for the month of April. So if you're in Baguio and free on he 12th and 13th, do join in the fun. You can register online HERE!


Padayon: Art for a Cause

Before we move on to more good news, let me share what the world most probably have already heard our country, the Philippines have been badly devastated by super typhoon Haiyan and how it affected millions of people. Though my city is located in the northern part of the country and had only experienced some bad gusts of wind, for many weeks I was caught in deep sadness after hearing the plight of so many families in the south.

Several weeks before the onslaught of the typhoon, I was asked by Katha Magazine, a local online magazine to create a piece for auction. All the pieces that were to be auctioned off was meant to benefit another organization but because of recent incidents and the gravity of the damage caused by the calamity, the group decided it best to donate the proceeds to the victims of the typhoon instead.

This online auction was aptly titled "Padayon" (a Visayan word for "carry on"), meant to help not only for immediate relief but also to help their rehabilitation. They gathered local artists and makers to create original pieces to be auctioned off online and all proceeds will go to Haiyan victims. For my part, I have donated this piece and I must say that i have never painted with so much passion welling up in my heart until this one. It is still up for bidding until the 30th of this month.

If you love art and wish purchase a piece, head to this link and see the rest of the wonderful creations they have for you: KATHA MAGAZINE: PADAYON  Every purchase you make can make a difference in somebody else's life. Because even the tiniest act of kindness can move mountains. Thank you in advance!


Shop Update: Say hello to "The Forest Boys and Girls"

Projects and opportunities have been keeping me up on my toes the past weeks I neglected to introduce to you the very first set of illustrations I made for the launch of our official shop site. Meet my "Forest Boys and Girls." They are, from left to right; Prince of Birds, Little Kitty Friend, Magical Unicorn Girl and Sweet Little own cute little army of the forest. They are available as mini art prints that could double as postcards. As of the moment, they are running out fast and so if you missed out on buying your favorite I'd make sure they are made available again by December. Also up for sale are my "Avian-themed postcards" inspired by a dear friend who loves, well birds.

I've got tons more of good news, but I'd make that wait for tomorrow's post. In the meantime, I hope you could check out these latest designs on my webshop, HOUSEOFISLA.COM

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