Acrylic Paintings At Last

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These are two of my most recent paintings and at long last, after years of hesitating and battling my own will (i meant to be truly loyal to watercolor) I finally gave in and used another medium. Frankly i was clueless the entire time i was painting with acrylic since watercolor has always been my comfort zone. No intentions here of being conceited, but i think i did a pretty darn good job. The topmost one was an original concept which I mean to turn into a series of work while the other one was referenced after a vintage illustration of a peony. Can't wait for the next one!


Behind the Scene: Tidbits About The Making of Our Handmade, Handpainted, Exotic Hair-inspired Kitty Wristlet/Purse

Boy, that was a mouthful.
And this post is looooong overdue since our kitty purse had already been successfully circulating around. Still, I thought this cutie deserves a proper introduction and a full length feature.

...because it is the first of its kind in our handmade indie label it being the only fabric art available (which i would give reasons below). I know I have been busy lately with illustrations (not to mention getting down with the big bad flu) for my paper products (ie postcards, art prints and stickers) but long before the latter hit the store shelves, this handmade kitty purse was already in the works.

It started out as a rough sketch of an exotic-haired kitty. 

Then came the grueling task of handpainting the image onto over a dozen of them pieces of white fabric. I almost went bonkers with the overwhelming job but was stubborn enough not to give in with the lure of having it digitally printed instead...because I did promise myself I would make this one totally handmade down to the sewing (yes, after the grueling task of handpainting came the grueling task of handsewing) Luckily i stayed sane til the last fabric though my wrist would tell a different story. Now perhaps you get the picture why it's still the only fabric art available....i may need to find a more efficient and not too labor-intensive way of making the new designs.

However, I did get my happy ending since a lot of these babies found new homes and I only got a few of them left online. Plus I still have a couple more prints stashed away for rainy days. 

By the way, these kitty purses are kid-friendly since I made sure to use non-toxic acrylic paints. In case you're interested in owning one, just visit my eshop at  or get updates through our facebook page facebook//houseofisladesigns.  



Stillness: Watercolor Art by Baboo Mondonedo

"I have learned that life is about cycle of breakdown and breakthroughs. This is what keeps the wheels turning. While there are periods of turbulence, grief, loss, and aloneness, I am many times overcome with heartfelt gratitude for all the blessings the universe has showered and continues to shower me with."
- Baboo Mondonedo (Stepping Stones)

"Painting has given her a new window and she now sees things in a fresh, new ways."

I have another artist to add up on my "looking-up-to" list. Though I do not purposely limit myself to watercolor, these days i find myself still enthralled with the medium and I don't think I'd tire of it soon. I first came to know about Baboo and her beautiful work when she had a solo exhibit entitled "Stillness" held at Maryknoll Sanctuary last month. As much as I love marveling at works of different artists, I must say that I have longed so much to just drown myself with the beauty of watercolor works by watercolor artists, and the exhibit was just that...a treasure trove of watercolor masterpieces.

Baboo's story on how she got started with watercolor is also very inspiring. She mentioned in one of her interviews for one broadsheet that she never thought she would find herself painting since her hands were, as she puts it "the stiffest." Her "falling-in-love" with the medium was somewhat serendipitous and at the same time fated....a proof that there is indeed no deadline to become a better version of ourselves!

I could only aspire to be as great!

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